Can’t we just have this?

Bill Clinton had sex. In the Oval Office. You told us sex wasn’t important if it were consensual. Obama committed campaign finance violations. He had the highest penalty of any campaign for contributions that totaled more than 1.8 million. His campaign was fined $375,000. This probably didn’t even make a blip on anyone’s radar…and let’s not get started on Hillary. Her campaign actually paid for the infamous Steele (fake) dossier (from a foreign spy ) that started the illegal wiretapping of Trump’s campaign etc. She had staffers  and friends that were the sleaziest of the sleazy. (Huma and Anthony Weiner,  HarveyWeinstein, etc. ). So I want to preface this by saying you all have had some issues as well.  If we talk in person I can name many more lol.

But here’s the difference. You governed. For years the right wasn’t happy you were there, but we accepted the result of the election and you governed. Poorly, but we let you. Besides the Clinton impeachment which ended up in your favor and being more of a lying under oath thing, we let you. We griped, we tweeted, we blogged and we facebooked. But through it all we saw our only power was in the election booth. …and we won. Despite everyone saying we couldn’t and with none of Russia’s interference I might add. We won. We did not care about Trump’s ex girlfriends. Maybe we should’ve but we did not. We also realized that men in power are often exploited and take that with a grain of salt too. We did not care about failed casinos, bankruptcies , his way with words, any of it. We saw hope for someone who was going to right the economic disaster that the country was heading for. We saw a man, not afraid of political correctness and being out in the world we know the ridiculousness of  that.  We saw a man who respected the police and loved our military. We saw a man who could maybe stop the nonsense in Washington and help America. We had to hide who we voted for or face unfair ridicule, but we WON.

But you won’t let us govern. Every station is a non stop barrage of hatred and controversy. They ignore record Black/Hispanic employment. They ignore record female employment. They ignore North Korea. They ignore what Trump is doing to make trading fair in the world. They ignore when he helps communities get jobs back. They ignore the longest Bull Market. They ignore when he helps a celebrity with a cause. They diminish when celebrities endorse him. They ignore tax breaks. They ignore legislative victories. What they do though is work non stop to bring him down. Hollywood works non stop to bring him down. Swampy Republicans work non stop to bring him down. Comics ridicule. Newspapers smear. Social media censors.

..and do you know what us Trump voters say? Let us have this. You had your way. Let us try. Right now things are going good here. I have more money in my paycheck. My stock accounts are booming. Minorities are coming out and saying they support Trump because of opportunities they now have. Let us all have it. Stop destroying anyone that feels positive. Yeah maybe he used money to pay off a girl. We don’t care. We didn’t elect him to be a saint. He is guilty of nothing more than any other politicians have done. But you won’t let us have the victory and chance to prove we voted correctly, because you are obsessed with destroying him. But do you know who you are destroying also?  Us. We fought hard and won and deserve this too. Just let us have this. You get another chance in 2020.

Take a Stand

Take a Stand

Let’s start off by saying that I am a huge football fan. I love high school football, I love the professionals and I love to play fantasy football. My favorite song for awhile was “Boys of Fall”.  But today, I am sickened by what I see the players currently doing. Let’s talk about how this is not some pro-American movement but a bunch of millionaires who have a gripe with the president  who are doing their best to disrespect America.

Let’s rewind to last year and Colin Kaepernick. He was kneeling in protest of the police in America. This was based on a case, where the police were found innocent and the media narrative (hands up don’t shoot) was proved to be made up. (Ferguson) The kneeling became a huge “I hate policemen” bashfest. Many police unions were extremely upset by all of this and staged their own forms of protest as well.  Keep in mind that we had a president who was  extremely unsupportive of the police and let his distaste for them be known often.

Fast forward to a new president. One who is constantly bashed by the elite of the world. Celebrities, universities and athletes did not understand what got Trump elected in the first place. They couldn’t seem to understand that no matter how many times Beyonce shilled for Hillary, it only had the  reverse affect. So, for the most part ,and this is just me judging what I see around me, everyone hated the kneeling protests. A millionaire griping about oppression didn’t resonate with many people.  Kaepernick and his crew might have been mad at the police but that had nothing to do with the Stars and Stripes. That flag has weathered multiple wars, sorrow, pride and presidents and standing for it had very little to do with policemen in this country but everything to do with the country a whole. Yes, there are issues everywhere. I didn’t vote for Obama and hated just about everything he did, but I would never disrespect the flag because it doesn’t stand for him. It stands for America, and he is not America.

The same way that Trump is not America. But the athletes hate him. So now they use the flag as a symbol of Trump. A bunch of millionaire/tough guys who got upset for being called “sons of b*tches”. Sticks and stones ,and football, will break your bones but words should not have hurt them so badly. …and to make the matter worse (fake news) of course Trump did  not call every player those words, but the ones that were disrespectful. I agree with his comments. I believe the owners, as the employers, have a right to fire an employee if their conduct is offensive. Which it is to millions who  have died and served our flag. I can not do whatever I want at work. I can’t go in and say I hate the curriculum, and then sit at my desk and not teach it.  Actually  I could, but then I could be fired also. We have been told that things we write on social media can be fireable offenses. So employers can limit your free speech and right to protest. If the players don’t like it they can not play. Of course, they can protest all they like outside of the field. No one stops them from that. They could ride along with the police like LeSean McCoy did. They could help inner city communities. They can do any number of things but disrespect the country that allows them to play a sport for a living.

Let’s talk about what I saw Sunday. I saw two teams the Jets and Dolphins, disrespect a group of children singing the anthem. I saw the Steelers  let the only man who actually would have died for that flag and them, stand alone on the field. ( We all should buy his jersey).  I then heard his coach bash him for not having 100% compliance with the protest.  I saw teams kneel for the US anthem and then stand for God Save the Queen in England. Do they not understand the irony of standing for the biggest oppressors of  Americans at one time? We fought a war to free ourselves from them. ….Let’s discuss slavery too… The British conducted the slave trade while we were colonized under their kings and queens.  Yet the players stood for their anthem?

I watched NFL sycophants and lackeys swoon over this protest. The same people that did not swoon when Tim Tebow took a knee to pray, but instead chastised him as not having the right to do so on the field. I heard the players be called brave? Why for doing exactly like all the others did, like lemmings? No one brave enough but Villanueva to say, “Wait this is not right? ” (I for one will be buying his gear, sales are through the roof let’s keep the trend going). None of them were brave enough to actually ever risk being carried home under the flag. That is bravery. Bravery is going to work as a policeman everyday knowing you may not make it home. Bravery is standing up after losing two legs in war. Playing football and standing in a locker room while the flag we bleed for is honored is not brave. In fact it is the opposite. It is cowardly, and disrespecting the flag because you don’t like the president doesn’t make you a winner. It makes you a coward and disgraceful….and a millionaire who cries about oppression. Many friends are turning off their TV’s in protest. Will we take a stand too?

Demand the NFL bring respect to the flag back…or lose all of our respect. ..





The Oscar Goes to…

The Oscar Goes to…

….and the Oscar goes to the group of people who have made themselves the most politically irrelevant in the shortest amount of time. That group is Hollywood.

Since before the election, Hollywood has decided that they know more about what is good for America than most of America does. We have listened  to condescending PSA’s ,  digs in sitcoms and award shows, smug anchors…everyone telling us ( in some ways disgustingly -think Lena Dunham) what we should believe. Most of them will never understand that some people simply do not agree with what Hollywood believes. I know “Shocker”.

Let’s take George Clooney. I loved him. I loved ER. Thursday was my favorite TV watching night. …and then George Clooney got political. Hand to God I have not watched a movie with him in it since. I am just one. There are many. Yes, George Clooney can have an opinion. But, I can have one too and my opinion was I wasn’t going to watch him anymore. I could not separate what he  spewed from his acting anymore. Same with Lin- Manuel. You know how much I love Hamilton, but it’s getting harder everyday to keep loving the musical and ignore what  he is doing politically and separate the two. Dixie Chicks? No thanks. You get the point. Say whatever you want but I ,and many others, can watch/listen to whatever we want and it may not be you.

Now back to the Oscars. We had an Iranian refuse to participate in a Oscar protest because of the unfair treatment of his country with the travel ban. I’m not sure he knows what happens in Iran. To gay people or anyone who may disagree with the powers in Iran the punishment is death….not vetting, death. (Taken from wikipedia: Iran’s state engages in such activities as the torture, rape, and killing of political prisoners, and the beatings and killings of dissidents and other civilians) So, his country-mates may have to be vetted, kind of pales in comparison to being beheaded. If he is on the up and up I am sure he will continue to jet to Hollywood to produce whatever it is he produces. Then we had Viola Davis. She may be fantastic but when she says that actors are the “only profession that celebrates what it means to live a life”, I am not sure what she knows what anyone else does or she appreciates them. Just an example, doctors celebrate what it means to live a life. Preachers do. Even teachers do as they try to create the best one for their kids. Let’s talk next about the “swag bags”. The actors are walking home with gift bags valued at $100,000. They then lecture us about who we should elect never thinking that sometimes we do it based on our financial needs… most people don’t make $100,000 in a year let alone carry it home from a party. None of them ever  return the bag, or donate it ,or  give that $100,000 to a school perhaps.

…and the piece of resistance…the Oscar flub. They had one job, say who won the award. They failed. They have harped and carried on about who is qualified to run the country, they couldn’t even run their own award’s show.  They couldn’t produce a correct envelope in a show where their only job was to produce an envelope. Yet they laugh and make fun of Trump’s mistakes everyday. ..And the actual award shows, what other profession dresses up and gives themselves awards telling themselves how great they are multiple times a year? Doctors, policemen, nope? Teachers, nope? I for one am up to wearing a ballgown to the first Teacher Awards Show. I wonder what will be in my “swag bag’? Number 2  pencils?

Hollywood. Your day of political relevance is over.( was it ever there?)  Just act. Don’t preach. Let us enjoy a movie , a song, a play. You have overplayed your hand and have made yourselves irrelevant and the most hurtful to you, unwatchable (Lowest show in 9 years) .

About that Russian theory…

About that Russian theory…

The election has been over for one month and the left can not accept defeat. For eight years they have received everything they could’ve wanted politically, socially and culturally…and now they have to create a boogey man to deal with not getting their way. That boogey man is Russia and it is now the cause of all evil, and the election loss.

So, what has Russia done? They hacked the election? They influenced the election? No one knows for sure but it is the cause of the week of the election loss. So let’s discuss.

  1. If Russia hacked our voting machine shouldn’t we have direct evidence? Where is the proof? It doesn’t look good for the USA if Russia can still invade us that way…but why did they give Hillary more popular votes? If truly wanted Trump, wouldn’t he have won that too? Or did they only hack machines in states that went for Trump, but left out California/ New York etc.? Because the whole thought is silly and Russia did not hack our machines.
  2. So, maybe  they hacked into the DNC’s emails. That would be bad, again making the USA look weak cyber-wise. But, no one is disputing that the emails are legit. Just that they were shown. So, all of the cheating Hillary did with Bernie only bad because it was exposed? All of Podesta’s emails or Newtwork’s collusion with Hillary were factors in the election. Maybe Russia exposed them, maybe  a guy in a basement, but no one is arguing that their content is not legit. …and if it was under Obama’s watch that this all happened then how is it Trump’s issue with Russia?
  3. Did the Russian’s call half of the country “deplorable'” or choose to have Hillary ignore most fly over states? Did they hack her itinerary? Did they make Hillary sick and fall down at events?
  4. Did the Russians tell Hillary to focus on social issues while Trump focused on the economy?
  5. Does anyone now crying about Russia know that Hillary/Obama orchestrated the “Russian Reset”, trying to better relations with Russia but in effect destabilized the area and enabled Russia to be uncooperative with the USA dealing with Syria . So, Russia in its current state, kind of on them.
  6. Did anyone remember how the Democrats mocked Mitt Romney for his Russia as a threat debate answer? Remember Obama saying, “The 1980’s are calling and they want their foreign policy back”? Now it’s all Russia, Russia, Russia. It’s either 80’s or 2016, but you can’t say that was once not an issue , now  the only issue.

Don’t get me wrong. The Russians can not be trusted. Putin can not be trusted. Foreign countries should not be able to involve themselves in our elections. But, Trump won the election because people, not Russian hypnotized people, voted for him. Democrats tried the recount and it didn’t work, so they are seeing if this sticks. However, all of it is just not being able to understand that they are not getting their way in this election. Losing hurts, but let’s not give the Russians this much power. …and if they deserve it, shouldn’t the current administration be to blame?

To recount what counted.

To recount what counted.

On November 8th a hard-fought election was won. It was one like I had never seen. It was bitter, it was entertaining, it was divisive, but it was over.

Or so we thought. In the category of you can’t make this up, democrats who once cried and threatened the downfall of democracy if Trump didn’t accept the election results..are not accepting the election results. Hillary Clinton said it would be a threat to democracy to thwart the will of the people. So, she has just stepped in line to threaten democracy and thwart the will of the people.

How is  this happening? A little known Green Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein (who? ) is challenging the state of Wisconsin about the validity of the voting process and the possibility that the computerized system was hacked. Keep in mind that I believe she received about 1% of the vote in that state. I guess if found to be hacked, they must have really hacked and stole the other 99% from her? Also, keep in mind that she had not raised 5 million dollars her whole campaign and now all of a sudden she has the money for the recount. Something is rotten in Denmark, or Green Bay and it’s not the cheese.

So, who could be motivating her? Who could gain? Hmmmm…enter Hillary. Fresh off her ” I spy Hillary” in normal life tour. ( In the grocery store, hiking, etc). The same person that conceded the election is now saying, “Wait, there is absolutely no evidence of computer hacking but we must investigate”. That’s like saying there is no evidence that you committed murder but we will investigate you anyway. Even President Obama said the election was fair and not hacked. But these girls are not moving on. One is the pawn for the other …and they are both a threat to democracy. The election counted, like it or not. Let’s all count on moving forward and not tying the country up in more divisiveness, and frankly sore “loserness”.